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‘To: North Pole, Gift Ville, Candy Cane Street, House No:77 Toy Factory’ Letter to Santa by 11 year old Bookosmian from Mysore

Letter to Santa Christmas with Sara Bookosmia
Sara with Hoopla icon Bookosmia

Hey everyone, your best friend Sara here!

Hurray!! December is here which means Christmas and New Year festivities. Here is hoping that the next year will be nothing like this one.

11 year old Prahas Balaji from Mysore shares this heartfelt letter to Santa this year. Prahas goes to Excel Public School, Mysore and is a student of The Hobby Place.

Dear Santa,

It has been a rough year. Pandemic followed by lockdown and then online school instead of regular ones!

But of course it is that time of the year again, the legendary Christmas. I hope you have prepared to lift everyone’s moods up. They are after all looking forward to the festival seasons. I hope I have been in your good books because this letter is one for a wish list. Let’s get into it then. Over the past years, I have got many gifts so I do not know what to ask of you. 

Maybe let’s start with the gifts I need you to give to others. Every year I ask of a gift of the erosion of poverty yet that is one of the few gifts you can not seem to give. Isn’t it funny how the most important gifts are the ones you can not deliver? I request of you to provide all those children who are yet to experience the magic of Christmas, their own miracle. Grant the earth’s wish for humans to evolve. And finally my wish for the peace of the world.


Hoping this letter finds you in your toy factory working away and a thank you on behalf of all the children in the world.

Prahas Balaji


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