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‘To be honest, it was a good year’ Poem by 11 year old Bookosmian from Delhi

Happy new year 2020 poem Bookosmia

News of World War,
All in panic and fear.
All making Tik Toks and posting memes about it,
But had no idea, something else was near.

‘Ok so umm, China has an epidemic
And its spreading to other countries’
With a rapid spread, this virus is familiar to all,
With a new word they learned called Quarantine,
They stayed home wishing for a Covid-19 vaccine.


Australia is on fire.
Oil price drops a whole lot in history.
Europe is in complete quarantine,
And then finally Tik Tok gets banned from many countries!

But although many people hate quarantine and the year 2020,
I absolutely love it!
Staying home with family, learning and trying something new with it,
There is nothing I hate about it a bit.

And yes, with this weird year, with crazy things happening,
And many people out there having fun, and making others happy,
With a whole lot of things happening,
An alien invasion soon won’t bother me.

Now although we thought the quarantine would last forever,
Who knew it would be December?
Many things we got to experience, which we thought would never happen,
For example- how I am right now desperately trying to find a word to rhyme!
And yes, although you may have received something great but also something was lost,
Most of the time, things come at a cost.

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