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Snow White and the Lazy Prince| An unfairy tale by 12 year old from Ahmedabad

Time for unfairy tales – a redoing of popular fairy tales by young writers. 12 year old Merushri Jasani from Ahmedabad scripts an amusing retelling.

snow white unfairy tale Bookosmia

There was once a prince who was very lazy indeed. His mother put him to work in the stables to teach him a lesson.

One day Snow White rode by and thinking the prince was a stable boy, asked him to give some water to her horse.

“The water’s right in front of you,” said the lazy prince. “Why don’t you do it yourself?”

“Do it MYSELF?” asked Snow White, who was even lazier than the prince. “I really can’t be bothered.”

The prince liked the look of Snow White. He had finally met someone who was so much like him. Then the two of them talked for quite some time. The prince finally told her that he was a Prince who was sent to work in the stable by his mother. They both laughed at this punishment.  This made them both thirsty and they decided to get themselves a glass of water, this time not asking the other to get it. They both decided to be less lazy and went horse riding everyday.


Did they get married? Well, not all tales need to end with the Prince and Snow White being married. Is it important?


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