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procrastinator to productive


procrastinator to productive

If you feel that you’re one among those who procrastinate all the time and end up lacking productivity, here are some tips to change your procrastination into productivity.

Tip #1: See the Bigger Picture

See the bigger picture every time. So what do I mean by this statement is that whenever we have projects or tasks to do, think about the exact reason why we’re doing those tasks and not just what the work itself is. That’ll really help you to imagine the outcome if you do that particular task.

Tip #2: Divide your bigger tasks into smaller ones

Whatever your goals are, better write them down what are the things you need to do to reach that big goal. Make visual maps- take a paper and write the big goal at the centre and around that write down the small tasks that you should complete reaching that final goal.


procrastinator to productive

Tip #3: Prioritize your tasks

Prioritize your stuff into must, should and want. Also never set unrealistic goals which seems very time-consuming and useless. “Must” tasks should be completed first which are your top most prior things and then comes your “Should” tasks which are mildly important to complete then the least important tasks. In this way, you can manage your time effectively and complete your tasks quickly.

Tip #4: Reject Perfectionism

There are people who just wait for the perfect time and perfect thing to start working on their goals and they don’t end up doing the stuff itself. Perfectionism is sort of like an excuse that we keep giving ourselves for not being able to attain the goals that we have for ourselves. Lord Buddha said that “The right time to do something is the present time”. So, keep it in your mind and get your things done.

procrastinator to productive

Tip #5: Read good books and use music

Good books, good life! Reading books can really motivate you and inspire you to finish tasks quickly. If you are not really interested in reading books, then listen to some soulful music with no lyrics in it and they make you rejuvenated and energised. You could also use many productive apps that actually work and productivity tools can make your life a lot simpler.

Do read and try to follow these tips which helped me become a more productive person too.



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