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Tiny Aliens | Story | Bookosmia

Read with Sara alien story Bookosmia

This is something which happened with me in my early teens. It was half past  9pm and still I was not asleep.I was watching the movie, Men In Black as it had my favourite Hollywood actor, Will Smith.


But it was the time to sleep. My mother came and scolded me saying, “It is 9:30pm and you don’t understand that you have to sleep? You have to go to  school tomorrow.”

I was going to close my window to sleep, but just then I saw an extraterrestrial spacecraft coming into my room. It entered my room, crashed into my bed and fell down onto the floor. I saw that it was an UFO (unidentified flying object) with two tiny /aliens coming out.

When I saw them I was astounded. When the UFO came in flying, it seemed like a flying saucer.


The aliens were very tiny, having teal head and antennas. There were very  lanky having freckles on their skin and teal in colour. When they removed the helmets, they looked very cute and innocent. They asked me in a vivacious manner, “Where are we? Which place is this ? What is the time? Who are you?”

Patiently, I answered all their questions. I asked them, “What is a UFO?”

They answered, “Unexplained object flying in the sky, especially one assumed by some observer to be of extraterrestrial origin.”


We talked so much with each other that we became great friends. They even slept in my room. Before going to sleep, I thought ‘’Hey, this is just like Men In Black movie.’’


My alarm woke me up and I planned  to not go to school by pretending that my stomach was badly paining and I won’t be able to go to school. Mom agreed.

At that time, my tiny friends were hidden in my quilt. After sometime,my mother brought brunch for me, which was  soup, bread-butter and my  favourite lady finger and chappatis. I was taken aback to see the aliens eating  spoons. When I was going to spread butter on bread they stopped me by saying, “This the fuel for us. How can you eat it?”

Then they removed the UFO. When I looked properly, it was a saucer having half football up and half down. They showed me the lanky pipe through which  butter could go. I brought butter to them and poured into the thin pipe.

The tiny aliens said it was great to have met me  and they would come by again. Then they left.  I had the best moments of my life with me.

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