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Time Machine – Off to the future | Sci Fi Story

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There was a thoughtful scientist named Vishnu. Being curious, he wanted to know about the future world so he decided to invent a time capsule. He started with this dream project of and after years of effort he was able to complete this project.
The next morning, as he was getting ready, his children saw his recently-made capsule. They were enthusiastic and curious. They decided to sit for a minute in the good-looking capsule. But did they know that their father had a system that anyone who sat even for one second would go into the future world? No! They didn’t, and without knowing, they sat on the capsule. That marked the start of their adventure into the unknown.
First they were shocked but soon they began to enjoy the journey as the machine created some funny sounds like ‘rumblee’,’boooom’, ‘shrink’ and ‘thunder’, etc.
Soon, they reached a quiet and strange place. They came to know that the world’s name was Techdia. The children immediately understood that the capsule was their father’s innovation to see the future of India which was now named Techdia. Suddenly, they saw some people who didn’t look like people, they looked like cyborgs. Now, the children saw a building that was completely built on smart technology.
time machine sci fi story
On their way, they met an old man and woman who too were old cyborgs. After that, they saw an strange looking stick in their hand and asked them about it. The old man said ,“The stick acts as kryptonite and if you hit it on the ground and ask for anything to come back it definitely will come back.” The children were enthusiastic and asked if they could use it. The old cyborg allowed it. They hit it on the ground and cleverly asked for their time capsule to come back and it did!
They were elated and ecstatic and it was clear that all the problems had been overcome so they returned home safely and lived happily ever after.

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