Rahi Patel

12 Years

52 Years

Podar International School


Time, faster than anything! Poem by 12 year old Rahi Patel from Ahmedabad

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Time, time, time
The fastest thing in the world,
Does not wait a second for us.
It goes and goes,
Faster than everything..
It doesn’t have mercy on us,
Sometimes I think,
It’s found solely on an aim-
To harass us, moment by moment.
When we lose all of it,
We dive in a state of confusion.
What to do first?
But of course, the most important thing,
It is in our life.
The most precious thing,
It is in our life.
Never waste it, always respect it.
Time, time, time
The fastest thing in the world-
Time, time, time.


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