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The Thoughts of an Old Diya| Story by 11 year old from Bhubaneshwar

11 year old Pratichi Satpathy from Bhubhaneshwar shares the wonderful story of an old Diya , a perfect metaphor for our own insecurities. Pratichi goes to Sai International School, Bhubhaneshwar

Festivals with Sara old diya in Diwali Bookosmia

My heart started thumping when Pratichi and her mother started cleaning for Diwali. Will I be dumped in a trashcan this year? I am only a year old, but will that fact spare me? Oh no! I forgot to introduce myself! I am an old black diya. I am made from Earth and soil.

But let us move to more pressing matters now. Pratichi approached us and grabbed the sack in which I was huddling with my friends. She peeped inside and called out to her mother, “I’m disposing this lot of old and grimy diyas.” But her mother screamed at her to stop. She was like, “But why Mama? Don’t we have enough crap around the house already? These diyas are black and old. They’re ugly and Diwali is the festival of new things and light. Why don’t we throw them away?”


Her mother smiled and said, “If they’re ugly, we’ll make them beautiful. Go and get your paints. Let’s see what we can do.” Both of them sat down on the floor and started painting my friends and me. And guess what? I became beautiful again! Now I am hot pink in colour with dark blue spots.


Today, I shared this with you as many of us have the misconception that Pratichi had. Diwali is about new things and light, yes, but more about inner beauty and the purification of the soul and mind. This Diwali, let us reuse, reduce and recycle. The natural resources are getting depleted as we speak. Let us think out of the box and preserve for the future. Wishing you all a very safe and happy Diwali. This is me, an old diya, signing off.

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