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Aarib Salehin

12 Years

53 Years

Sunnydale School, Dhaka


The Stunning Horizon | Bookosmia

The Stunning Horizon



A light breeze with its cooling powers,

Blesses the tulips on the bowers.

The wild winds wake the wind chime;

The torrents sparkle like a river of dimes.

The dazzling sun sets, as the sky begins to blush;

Night spreads over, quickly, with a hush.

The grass-green trees gift us a shade;

The sky’s orange light gently begins to fade.

The bluish ocean glows lustrously in the moon;

The burning sand glistens ad the desert forms dunes.

The dark spruces lead us, to a maze of trees;

We find our way out, by feeling the north breeze.

The cold, high mountains freeze us in frost;

Though we find our way down without getting lost.

These things are stunning, that is for sure;

For these are the things that make the earth so pure.


The Stunning Horizon



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