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Not far from where I live, there is a queer and scary old mansion. Often there are rumours of people going there and never coming back. So, one day, out of intense curiosity, I went to have a look.
I thought the people went in there and died and the reason was because of a rare species called the golden poison frog.
old castle
It is a very poisonous frog that can paralyze and kill at least 12,000 people at once with its touch. So when I went to the mansion I was right, there it was, the majestic golden poison frog sitting amongst many dead and paralyzed people.
I immediately called my friend Phillip from The Rare Animals Research and Rehability Center [TRARARC].He was a very talented boy because he could lure any animal to come near him. Once he tamed a lion and because I was his friend the lion even let me pet him!
When he arrived he was wearing anti golden poison frog touch gloves so he could trap it in a jar without getting paralyzed.
“How smart,” I thought.
After he arrived he caught it and trapped it in a jar. After trapping it we camped out in his tent on the grounds of the old mansion.
The next morning he told me that in England there was a zoo that showed rare animals and we could sell it to them. As the zoo was connected to his company,  they could let him know if they had any problems, but there was a problem – at that moment we were in France so it was quite a long journey!
That afternoon, while we were relaxing out in the sun, Phillip said, “I think I know what to do with the money we earned from selling the frog.” I asked him what  and he said, “Well, we could make an orphanage for poor kids and orphans.”
I said, “That’s an amazing idea, we could call it Pallavi and Phillip’s Orphanage Center (PPOC). You are right, there are so many people who are homeless.”
After we finished our conversation we just started to doze off and the frog suddenly started shining and it started rising out of the jar, the lid magically breaking by itself and suddenly it transformed into a fairy!  Can you believe it? An actual fairy!
I could very well see it with my own eyes. Then she said, “Many years ago, a sorcerer turned me into a golden poison frog and left me in my mansion. He said that when two very kind and brave souls come and trap me and then talk about something wonderful they would do for other people, the curse would break and now, because of you two, I am free!”
After the fairy said this, Phillip immediately called the zoo and cancelled the deal. After he did that, the fairy said you can each have a wish for yourselves.
Phillip said, “I wish for the orphanage to still be built.” And voila outside the mansion there was the orphanage.
Then the fairy turned to me and said, “And what do you wish for, my dear girl?” Though I wanted to wish for a new library to be built, I pitied the fairy and said, “I wish for your home to be rebuilt.”
After I wished for that, the house was rebuilt and the fairy sent us home.
A few days later, while I was going to the park I saw a brand new library with brand new books.
When I went in there and pulled out the first book I found a note that said, “You see Pallavi, since you discovered me you had a free wish from me but I forgot to tell you, I can read minds and I read yours and hence, here is the library you wanted for the children of the orphanage. Oh and my name is Lisa.”
I thought how kind she was and said to myself, “I’ll remember you forever, Lisa. Thank You.”


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