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hanging roots cherrapunji

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I can’t wait to pack my bags and head out once the pandemic exits from our lives. Until then let’s read through these wonderful travel memories from kids. Let’s keep our wish lists ready!

13 year old Tatvi Shah from Vadodara visited the famed Kaziranga National Park in Assam and tells us all about her adventure at picturesque North-East. How exciting!

Tatvi goes to Delhi Public School, Vadodara.
Exploring the beauty of North-East India 

I went to my cousin’s place in Kolkata after my exams. We decided to go further to Assam and Meghalaya for a holiday as there were not many cases of COVID-19.


On the first day, we flew to Guwahati and travelled 5 hours  to reach Kaziranga National Park which is  home to the famous one-horned rhinoceros.

The next day we did the elephant safari and spotted many Rhinoceros nearby. We also saw wild elephants, wild buffaloes, barasingha deer and roughly 30 species of rare migratory birds. In Kaziranga, we were hypnotized to see the mighty Brahmaputra, the lifeline of Assam, flowing gracefully.

Rhino spotting in Assam


We visited the Kaziranga National Orchid Park  which is also the largest orchid park in India and abode to more than 400 species of wild orchids. They have been collected from all across the north-east India region.


Kaziranga National Orchid Park
Kaziranga National Orchid Park


From Assam we then moved to Cherrapunji in Meghalaya. Cherapunji had beautiful waterfalls which we explored during our stay.

During our stay we also went to the Double-decker Living Root bridge. The bridges were made from the roots of rubber trees. We had to climb down 3500 steps to reach the bridge and then up too. I enjoyed this trek as it was a challenging task. I was tired but was so elated on reaching the bridge which rejuvenated me.

hanging roots cherrapunji

After that, we further trekked to the blue lagoon of Rainbow falls, where the water was very clean and with all shades of blue which was so picturesque that we didn’t want to return. This blue lagoon is one of the must-see sites in Meghalaya.

After the stay at Cherrapunji , we went boating, kayaking and did camping at one of the cleanest rivers of India, Dawki River. which is at the Indo- Bangladesh border.

Dawki River



I was rejuvenated by the cool climate and natural surroundings of North-east India. I learned to adjust with the food when the food was totally of a different variety.

I also learnt to adapt to the dirty toilets of highways. I got an opportunity to understand that I am capable of climbing  7000 steps up and down in a day, and nothing is impossible.

As Kaziranga National Park is a UNESCO Heritage, the citizens of Kaziranga were keen on keeping the area spic and span.

Education is not preparation for life but it is life itself. I truly believe that travelling is one of the most important educators of our life. Finally, I want to end with the thought, we should not think about the destination but we should savour the journey and enjoy the journey of life.



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