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The Spark That Changed Everything by Veena Prasad| Book Review by Young Readers

An ebook on the delightful conversation between Veena Prasad , author of The Spark That Changed Everything with our young readers at Bookosmia and their review of the book

The spark that changed everything Bookosmia

Children’s books are crafted with a lot of love and excitement by authors. But while reviews for the book come from other authors, media, publishers and even parents, very rarely do they come from the kids themselves, for whom the book is written.As a publishing platform for young people, Bookosmia likes to complete this feedback loop.
It was a delight to have Veena Prasad , author of The Spark That Changed Everything interact with our young readers in the Bookosmia Live Podcast on Bakstage app and answer their unfiltered questions in the most endearing way.

This is a compilation of thoughts of young readers of Bookosmia who have chosen to use their love for reading and talent of writing to share their feedback.

Read it as a flip book or download pdf here : The spark that changed everything

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