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Bapu Lives Within Me- An EBook on Gandhi By Young Bookosmians

bapu lives within me bookosmia

In this deeply profound collection, young writers have chosen quotes by Mahatma Gandhi that have influenced them and describe how beautifully they apply them to their day-to-day lives. It is heartening to see Bapu continuing to thrive through these young voices. More power to them!

We are grateful to Dr. Kamini Gupta, Lecturer at King’s Business School and published writer on Gandhi’s life, for her foreward

Many thanks to renowned Gandhian, social and environment activist Mudita Vidrohi for her endorsement on the idea behind this book.

And finally to Word Munchers for making this book a reality.

To our readers, wherever you are, we hope this book resonates with you in some way. if you are a young voice with something to say, we are listening at

Read flipbook below or download Bapu-lives-within-me-ebook-by-Bookosmia

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