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The Piano Teacher – How To Find Happiness | Bookosmia

The piano teacher - How to find happiness


The piano teacher - How to find happiness

Down my lane, in an old simple-looking cottage lives an old lady named Gina Hale. From what I can tell, she is one of the happiest persons I know. She lives alone in her house and is also the best pianist I have ever met.


Tutoring young and eager minds and teaching them how to play the piano is how she spends most of her day. I used to take piano classes from her but eventually had to give up as the timing was not fitting with my busy schedule.


I still go down to visit her occasionally, as her pleasant aura makes me feel warm and contended. Watching her play a composition is one of the finest musical experiences. Not just because the notes are pitch perfect but also because they have more than just sounds; they have feelings. The way she gets lost in the music amazes me.


The piano teacher - How to find happiness


The smile on her face, and the notes played effortlessly are straight from the heart. She makes me believe that it is possible to be happy even after life takes many unfortunate twists and turns.


Knowing the fact that her only daughter abandoned her, and her husband died when her daughter was three, astonishes me. After all the misery life brought her, she still finds joy in teaching and spreading smiles with her music. Her ever cheerful smile never wears off her face and she has her own way of tackling difficult situations.

The piano teacher - How to find happiness


From the time I got to know her better, she has been my go-to person when some huge problem strikes. In addition to encouraging me to follow my passion she also taught me precious life lessons which I will never forget.


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