Aarna Pandey

11 Years

Lancers International School


The Mysterious Ocean | Poem by Aarna, 11, Gurgaon

Are you an adventurer and wonder about the Ocean? Here’s a fascinating Poem by Aarna Pandey, an 11-year-old from Gurgaon.

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I gaze at the vastness of the enormous ocean.

Little can my eyes behold,

Numb, I stare with a farrago of emotion.

Reminiscing stories of monsters and gold

Mystery resides in the deep blue waters.

Fascinating, raw, and unexplored,

That sailed the warrior sons and daughters,

Who fought courageously with spears and swords.


Bearing the burden of ravage and desolation,

Encapsulating joy and intense pain,

Submerging the oldest civilizations,

As treasures in its flat and rocky terrain,

Since aeons, its eyes have never blinked.

Its ears were inundated with screams and cries.

Of creatures that are now extinct,

In the deep blue waters, under grey skies.


Mysterious creatures take solace in the ocean bed.

Away from the havoc of the dry lands,

A haven with nothing to dread,

A quiet abyss, adorned with pristine sands,

None can swim through its expanse.

And discover the treasures that lie beneath.

In dreams, I long for just one chance.

To navigate through the life underneath.


The waves present a divine dance.

Rising and falling on the pristine shores,

The blazing sun appears in a trance,

Watching the mighty waves soar.

The pearls beneath illuminate its beauty.

The seashells look like majestic crowns.

Firmly, the lighthouse adheres to its duty.

Emitting lights so the ships don’t drown


The lands are dwarfed by the vast waters.

Engulfing the setting sun into its enormity,

Exuding power from all quarters,

Roaring and rising with supreme authority,

The songs of the seamen reverberate in their depth.

Exhorting me to go on an adventure,

To uncover the secrets in length and breadth,

And make this life a memorable venture.

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  1. lovely composition by a tiny poet.. She is floating on thoughts on the vastness of ocean and also the nature.What a beautiful thinking by a small girl.🌹🌹🌹

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