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Funky Rainbow: A perfect bookstore | Review by Ninad,9, Bangalore

Ninad Kamath, a fourth grader from Bengaluru who loves reading, shares beautifully about his favorite bookstore. 

Funky Rainbow Childrens Bookstore Bangalore

Funky Rainbow: A Perfect Bookstore


One of the best places I love is the “Funky Rainbow” bookstore.

It’s not any regular old bookstore; it’s a magical world of books. This place is like a big, cozy house with a garden of its own. Imagine a charming old house with a wide verandah—that’s where I’ve sat and listened to awesome authors like Roopa Pai and Zai Whitaker.

Funky Rainbow feels like a second home rather than just a store. It’s filled with all my favorite books, and it’s a special place for kids like me. They know about the most amazing Indian children’s books.

Vidya Aunty, Muthamma Aunty, and Shyam Uncle are the coolest people there. They’re like book wizards! They help me find the perfect book, and even remember the ones I couldn’t find before and tell me when they’re back in stock.

Funky Rainbow is where my book adventures begin, and it’s where my love for reading grows.


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