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‘The Magic Shop’ Book Review by 13 year old Bookosmian from Chennai

The Magic Shop Book Review by kids Bookosmia

Book Reviews with Sara for kids, by kids BookosmiaHello book lovers, your friend Sara here! I love how you are all pouring in your write ups on your favourite books.

After all, if a story is written for young readers, shouldn’t they get to share their review of it?


Today’s review by 13 year old E.GAYATHRI of Chennai is of The Magic Shop, a wonderful piece of fantasy writing by the renowned writer H G Wells.

Book Review with Sara by E Gayathri from Chennai Bookosmia

E.GAYATHRI is a 13 year old from Chennai, studying in NSN Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Chitlapakkam. Her hobbies are drawing and reading books especially mysterious stories

The Magic Shop Book Review with Sara by kids Bookosmia
Name of the book:  THE MAGIC SHOP
Author name:  H.G. Wells
Publisher: Purple Bear Books,2005
Illustrator: François Roca
I felt the story would be  interesting by seeing the magic man in the cover as I love magic.
In my school ,there was a book fair . I just went to see those books but i was attracted to the cover and name of the book. So I bought it.
The theme of the book is the difference between how children and adults see the world.
A little English boy named Gip accompanying his father, goes on his journey into a magic shop. They don’t realize that what they are about to witness in the magic shop will change both their lives forever. It will also indirectly affect them and their viewpoints about magic and how unreal the world seems when genuine magic is performed.
Gip was the leading character in this book. The most interesting thing about Gip was his curiosity and astonishment while the magic was performed.
I had two takeaways from the book-
1. Intelligent parents know how to protect their child
2. We should be safe from fake magicians and always listen to the expert
The writing style and illustrations were very good , making me not get bored while reading and the look of the book was so attractive.
My favourite part imagining the things that Gip saw.
If I could change something in the story, I will change the magician to a good person and not harm Gip.
Best age group for this book 10-14 years
My ratings for the book is  4/5⭐⭐⭐⭐
I had made a doodle on this story  book
doodle of the magic shop book review by kids Bookosmia

*On a scale of 1-5, 5 being the highest


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