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‘Making friends in a new place’ Essay by 9 year old Bookosmian from Parsippany, New Jersey, US

making new friends in a new place Bookosmia

Hi everyone. I just recently moved from India to the United States. I had a lot of
friends in India, and was hoping to make some friends here too. Today, that is exactly what I will be sharing with you. How I am getting used to this country and how I am making friends with the kids living here.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, if you travel from another country to USA,
you have to complete a two week home quarantine. And during this quarantine, I first made friends of a different kind. They are hungry and friendly- squirrel friends!


They come almost every day to eat peanuts. They were so friendly that they  come right up to the balcony and ask for food! Sometimes, when they look up to us, it looks as if they are smiling! And sometimes, when they wait to be fed,  they look so cute that we can’t help but feed them.

So, the day after my two week quarantine, I went for a walk to familiarize  myself with the new neighborhood.  I looked up and saw a kid looking down. He asked me my name, my school and my grade. I told him and then he told me  that he plays Minecraft ! I do too and then we fell into a conversation. I realized  that I could be making my first friend!


Then I continued my walk. The next week or so, I was riding my scooter and  then I found more kids playing. They asked me if I would join them to play, and I said yes! They were playing with a grasshopper. I looked at it. It was in a  container that they had filled with grass.

After that day, I tried to understand the games that they were playing. These  days, we are playing games like Among Us and Sly Fox.  You must look up and find out how to play these games.


We have even tried building a house out of sticks and pinecones!
Indeed, making friends in a new place is different each time. While I have
made new friends here, I am in touch with my friends from India too.


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