Swastik Sahoo

6 Years

Mount Litera Zee School


The Intelligent King | Tiger story by Swastik,6, Contai, West Bengal

What’s the smartest idea you have ever had? Swastik, a 6-year-old from Contai, West Bengal, writes about making friends and dealing with enemies smartly in the jungle.

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 The Intelligent King 

Once upon a time there was a king who was very good. He always loved and helped the villagers. One day, the queen told him, “I saw a tiger last night.” The same day, the villagers came to the king’s palace and said to the king, “A tiger came to our village last night and ate a cow.”

The king grew worried upon hearing this. But he was very intelligent. So he went to a mirror shop and bought a big mirror. He placed the mirror at the cowshed. The next night when the tiger came again, he saw his own reflection in the mirror. But mistaking it for  another tiger, he became scared and ran away!

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