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The Gopi Diaries – Coming Home by Sudha Murty – Book Review | Bookosmia

The Gopi Diaries - Coming Home by Sudha Murty

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Sara reads stories for kids by Seeyona Bookosmia10 year old Seeyona Guha, a Bookosmian from Hyderabad loved the book ‘The Gopi Diaries – Coming Home’ by Sudha Murty. She recommends it for all animal lovers. Have you read it? Tell us!





Since the lockdown began last year, reading has become a habit for me and I love reading books now.

Every few days, I find myself searching for a new book. One day, when I was looking to read a new story, I came across a book called “The Gopi Diaries” by Sudha Murty.

The Gopi Diaries - Coming Home by Sudha Murty


The cover of the book caught my attention instantly – a beautiful illustration of a lady in a blue saree cuddling a cute little puppy.

This book is called “Coming Home” which is the first part of this series – a story of a small puppy coming home to a lovely family.

How does it feel to a Labrador puppy to be adopted and welcomed into a new home full of humans?

The Gopi Diaries - Coming Home by Sudha Murty


From how he gets chosen to come home, meet Appa (Dad), Ajji (grandma), Tachi Ajji (grandma’s sister), Ajja (grandpa) and other family members, the story takes us through his funny but confusing journey of finding his attachment with them and the human world. Getting the name Gopi, knowing what it is to ‘burp’ after drinking milk, going to see the vet
for the first time … this is all a surprise to little Gopi.

Gopi is actually the name of Mrs Sudha Murty’s pet dog and this is kind of her life’s real story.


The Gopi Diaries - Coming Home by Sudha Murty


The book has really beautiful illustrations done by Sandhya Prabhat with lots of photos of the real Gopi at the end.

To find out more about his adventures in his own words, you should read the book.

I would especially recommend this book to those who own pet dogs or someone like me who wants to get a dog. It tells us how dogs feel after coming into a whole new world and their understanding of the human language.

The book is written in simple words for 7-10 years old kids. But I think even grown-ups will enjoy it equally.

I would not change anything in the book because I think it is lovely the way it is. In fact, I have read the book thrice already!

I give this book 5/5 stars for the story and +5 stars for the illustrations.

And now that the second part, “The Gopi Diaries – Finding Love” has been published as well and I am looking forward to reviewing that soon.


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