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The girl who protected the earth



The scar-eyed girl was the most dangerous human being on earth. She was created by the gods as a protector to all humans beings, animals and plants.

No one had ever seen her, but, some say if you stayed up till midnight, you would be able to see her shadows and could even see her sword.

This girl protected everything except for three evil creatures, who were, Blackmist( A man made of iron and steel ), Mailfair (A scientist who studied all kinds of animals and their weaknesses ) and Domina Slingfair (A flexible girl who can pass through all kinds of dangerous machines and animals).

They didn’t live on earth but, on a hidden planet called Zibbardo. They wanted to rule the earth and kill the scar-eyed girl.

The girl who protected the earth


For this, they invented the “space-blower” that was meant to attack and kill the scar-eyed girl. They also had a hypnotizing machine to hypnotize all the people on earth.

Once Blackmist, Mailfair and Domina Slingfair pushed the space-blower to the earth, it hit the scar-eyed girl but, surprisingly she was not dead, as the gods protected her. However, all the people on earth got hypnotized by the evil gang.

A book in the library mentioned a weapon that could kill the scar-eyed girl. The evil gang found the book and went hunting for the weapon. They had to take many risks, but they would do anything to kill the scar-eyed girl.

The girl who protected the earth


The first task was to get across a pool of lava. Blackmist said ” This is the kind of thing I was born to do.” He took off his shoes and took a step. The lava was burning hot, but he did not stop walking, and when he reached the other side, he saw an old tree with no leaves and an axe. He then cut down the tree for his mates to cross. The second task was to cross a pool full of slivers ( A type of underwater dragon that has a slimy tail and wings. Its tongue was as sharp as a knife and it helped to hunt down different kinds of underwater species. Its wings changed positions according to the action it performed. )

Mailfair said ” Ahhh, this is my kind of an animal,” and splashed into the water. The slivers kept trying to kill her but she kept moving away.

She then took a metal rod she found in the water and started smacking them with it. Once she reached the other side, she found a net and put the slivers inside so they could not attack her group. Her mates swam to her and went to see their final task.

For their final task, they had to avoid poisonous arrows that were coming out of a machine. Domina Slingfair said, ” Ooooh, this will be good.”

She then did flips and jumps and caught an arrow that was supposed to hit her and threw it on the machine. When it turned off, the rest of them came along with her and they all crossed the finish line. They finally found the weapon – an ancient sword that could kill a thousand people at a time! Then they all went to the scar-eyed girl.

The scar-eyed girl saw the sword and froze. As she was struck by the sword, a bright light came from heaven and saved her. Her leg got healed by the gods and then she fought with the evil gang with her sword for two entire days.



The girl who protected the earth


She defeated them and sent them back to their planet after depowering them. She also destroyed the hypnotizing machine and everyone on earth got dehypnotized.
Everyone on earth lived in peace once again. The scar-eyed girl then thanked all the gods in heaven and continued to protect the earth.



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