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‘The Friendly Birds’ Story by 9 year old Bookosmian from Kolkata

read with Sara story of a crow by kids Bookosmia

One day, a crow flying in the air for hours thought, “I could not be pretty like other species.” Thinking, he flew away.

On the other part of the city, a caged chicken thought, “I wish I could fly in the air like the other animals.”

Read with Sara chicken story for kids by Bookosmia

While flying by, the crow reached the chickens house. Both the animals became friends. Every week, the crow visited the chicken and both shared  their problems with each other.  The chicken’s master was a rude and ruthless
human being. It was the chickens day to get slaughtered and end up on a plate.


The crow thought for some time and got an idea. When the master came to  slaughter the chicken, the crow came in and started cooing near the master’s head. This gave the chicken a chance to run away into the garden and the crow also flew into the garden.



After it escaped, the chicken made the crow understand that it was not an unwanted bird but one which helps the humans by eating away grubs, caterpillars, armyworms and other insects that are pests in the garden. “You are an animal which helps the human indirectly. ”


So the crow understood not to be unhappy and never give up.

read with Sara story of a crow by kids Bookosmia


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