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The Diary Of A Dog Who Had A Pet Human | Story by Ruhani,9, London

9 year old Ruhani Singh, a Bookosmian from London pens a brilliant story about a world where animals rule and human beings are their pets!

The diary of a dog who had a pet human

I came home from school at 2:00 PM, then I told Ma-Woof and Pa-Woof about my day, where we learnt about the Woof Meow Revolution and how animals took over and humans became pets.

We also learnt how to get dry after a bath by shaking.

Ma-Woof said that I needed to take Millie (our human) for a walk.

The diary of a dog who had a pet human


I did the usual, I peed by a lamppost, ate a bone, smelled dog butts and then peed again by my favourite lamppost, but Whiskers bumped into me.

Still, I minded my own business but that annoying cat just shoved me again, so I may have kicked his leash out of his paw, so his pet human went free, but please don’t tell Mr. Santa Wood, Diary, it was a mistake, I promise.

The diary of a dog who had a pet human


Whiskers’ midnight black fur sashayed away, frustrated.
Just then, I sniffed the delicious smell of the Bone Bakery’s bone cakes and I did have a few paw pounds, so I bought one and a strawberry milkshake. It had a weird liquid texture so I gave it to Millie, she seemed to love it.

The diary of a dog who had a pet human


I was ok until I realised the punishment I would get from Ma-Woof and Pa-Woof. I grabbed Millie’s lead and walked out of the bakery. I walked past the swaying willow trees. I passed Mrs Murphy and her human with a flamingo pink dress and bright yellow polka dots.

I finally reached my blue kennel. I went inside and saw a bunch of banners saying “Well done!” over our fuschia sofas and vibrant floors matching the walls.

Apparently, I saved Whiskers from fire and if he was there a few minutes earlier, he would be a toast, but that’s another story!

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