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‘The Day The Dogs Got Superpowers’ Story by 14 year old Bookosmian from Chennai

Read with Sara Story by Raghav from Chennai

Once there was a great scientist named Roku. He was interested in space. He was especially interested in aliens and tried to contact them. He contacted them through satellite communication but it failed. He then tried a complicated signal to send a message.


A few weeks later, a reply from outer space reached Roku’s office. He was bursting with happiness. He set up his equipment to send the signal to reply but something went wrong and the rays of the signal sent some new waves which landed at a training camp for dogs.


These waves were of low frequency and affected the dogs. It gave them special powers. Humans were not aware of this. To test their powers, the dogs planned to steal the burgers in their masters’ refrigerators. They named this secret mission ‘The burger heist’.

Their plan was to divert their master and send him to the garden. They did as planned. Their first mission was completed successfully. Their second mission was to build a big kennel for themselves. They took some wood, hammers and nails from their master’s desk and started to build a house underground. They built for a week and their kennel was ready.

They had so many plans but one day they came to know that dogs from the camp were misusing their powers and were stealing gold and diamonds at the jewellery shop.

The camp leader – The Bull Dog informed his scientist friend Roku about this problem. Roku tried to resolve it. He worked on the rays and sent a new signal. Suddenly, the place was full of smoke and when visibility came in slowly, the dogs found that they had gone back to their previous state. Their superpowers had disappeared.

Roku continued to try to make contact with aliens and everyone lived happily except for the dogs who were waiting for another signal to go wrong.


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