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The common crow : My uncommon friend| Poem by Anooja, 13, Sharjah

Have trouble waking up? 13 year old Anooja from Sharjah has a surprising friend to help her wake up and now we want a winged friend like that too!

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Early as the morning rises,

I stare at the windowsill.

My best friend she is,

The one who lives.

Flashing those cunning white eyes,

My morning alarm she is.

Everyday she keeps me awake,

Even though her language I don’t speak.

I assume things the way I want,

I love her Vantablack skin.

Soft as air begin.

Feeding my bestie with everything I have,

Her small talks filling the sky.

I love the way she stays besides me,

More than an alarm when the sun sets tonight.

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