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The climate warrior crane | Story by Apurba, 12, Bankura

A crane leads a crusade to save trees. How? Do not miss this creative story by 12-year-old Apurba from Bankura. 

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The climate warrior crane 


Once upon a time, there was a freshwater lake containing plenty of colourful fishes. The water of the lake was crystal clear and blue in colour. It had sandy banks. The lake was surrounded by thick woods. Beautiful pink flowers grew near the lake. The lake attracted cranes in hordes because of the fishes.


One crane that was always found at the lake was Trek. He was pink in colour with a long yellow-brownish beak, brown eyes and beautiful long toes. He was quite unique to look at.  Now Trek did not have to search for food, since he lived in the woods near the lake. He was often seen perched on the sandy banks of the lake. The minute a fish jumped out of the water, he would grab it in his beak. Trek had become quite lazy.


One day, as usual, when Trek went to the lake for his breakfast he found that there were no fishes in the lake. This was really peculiar. He saw only one old fish swimming around. On asking the old fish about the other fishes, he learnt that all the fishes had left the lake since the water had become salty and hot.


Trek was hungry. He decided to look for the fish. Trek flew over villages, and for the first time saw farms. The wind was cool, and the weather pleasant. He then reached a city. The weather was suddenly very hot.


He wondered, “Ah! is the sun angry with me?”


Trek continued to fly in search of the fish, and reached a small area having lots of tall trees. It was much cooler here. That’s when he realised that the presence of trees made a place cool and pleasant. Trek was intelligent; he understood that planting trees would help in achieving better climatic conditions.


By now, it was late evening, and Trek was tired. He went off to sleep under the trees. That night he dreamt that Mother Earth was begging to be saved, “My children please don’t hurt me,” whispered Mother Earth.


The next day, Trek woke up with a plan in his mind. He hid himself amongst the trees that were to be cut. When the wood cutters came with their saws, Trek made howling sounds to scare them.

He yelled, “If you cut me, I will fall on you and squash you.”


The wood cutters thought that the trees were haunted and ran away. The crane had managed to save the trees. Mother Earth blessed him. He then flew back to his lake, and to his surprise, he found that the lake was once again filled with delicious fish. Trek was elated. He told his friends about his experience. They all took a pledge to prevent trees from being cut and save the environment.


Trek was now no longer lazy. Every day, he and his friends would fly about, and prevent forests from being destroyed.


This story was created as part of a story writing camp organised by Word Munchers in the month of May for the children (age group- 8-16 years) of the Indian Army. The children were mentored by Word Munchers. The topic was ‘Breathe in Nature’.

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