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The Case Of The Missing Smile: Book review by Dhakshitha,9, Chennai

Read anything interesting recently? 9-year-old Dhakshitha from Chennai reviews a book she loved.

THE CASE OF THE MISSING SMILE : Book review kids bookosmia


Author: T.ALBERT

This book is about a little girl named Sophia Sue, who suddenly stopped smiling.

Detective Peterson starts her investigation of the case of the missing smile. She asks the smile-o-meter whether Sophia is happy at home, at school and with her friends but it indicates yes for everything. She asks the dentist if Sophia had any problems with her teeth. However, he said that nothing was wrong. Then she enquiries with the tooth fairy central. She finds out something interesting and that becomes key to understanding why Sophia has stopped smiling. 

I enjoyed this sweet read as it takes place in fairy land. The character of Detective Pearson is very good as she investigates the mystery well and helps Sophia. 

Recommended Age Group: 6 To 9 Years

Rating:   5/5 stars. 

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