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‘The Case Of The Missing Pup’ Story by 7 year old Bookosmian from Bangalore

Read with Sara story by Prerana

Sam lived with his mother Daisy and loved visiting his Aunt Mary’s house.


On one such day, the night before he went, he talked in his dream.

“Woo” he said, “I am very happy to go to snow city.”

His mother came to wake him up.

“Tick- tick time to wake up,” said his mother.

“Ohh” he said “Why did you wake me up so early”?

“Don’t you remember we need to go to aunt’s house”?


Then Sam asked his mother “Can I wear my lucky dress?”

“Yes” said mom.

“Mom do I look nice?” came a voice.

It was Sam’s elder sister.

“Yes. Hurry up kids we need to go. Before that, I have a surprise. His name is Tom.”

“Yay a pup!”

Sam and Tina played at Aunt Mary’s house with Tom all night.

The next morning they couldn’t find Tom!

They searched but did not find Tom. Sam and Tina cried and cried.

They found footprints which they followed to a hut. In the hut, they saw an old man crying in front of a picture. The man said that his dog too was stolen.

 “Wait! Did you say stolen?”

“Yes indeed,” said the old man.

They realized that someone was stealing dogs. They still decided to look for him.


They found an old building with a sign that read ‘DO NOT ENTER, DOG SLAUGHTER HOUSE. ENTER WITH PASSCODE’.

Sam and Tina tried various combinations before one worked and there was Tom under piles of wood!

They were overjoyed to get him back. But who put him there? They decided to make ‘Tell the truth’ truffles, an ancient recipe that made people tell the truth.

Tina made “Tell the truth” truffles for breakfast and as soon as Aunt bit into the truffles-

“Bla bla bla” secrets were out!

“I am the one who put Tom in the slaughter house because he was a bad dog. I am sorry.”

And that’s how Tina and Sam solved the mystery of their missing dog.


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