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The autobiography of a ten-rupee coin| By 9 year old from Gurgaon

What would the life of a ten-rupee coin be like? 10 year old Aisha from Gurgaon imagines in this creative autobiography.

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One spring afternoon, I, a ten-rupee coin was manufactured in a Mint and shifted to the Reserve Bank of India. Within a few months I got moved to the vaults of a branch of Axis Bank, where after a few weeks an old man got me from the bank counter while drawing cash from his bank account. Originally, I looked quite shiny and polished. But as time passed by, the glaze and shine gradually faded.


Later, on a bright sunny morning, the same businessman dealt with a customer and in the course of the transaction, handed me over to complete his payment. The recipient immediately and carefully kept me in a pouch of his wallet.

Later in the evening, the man reached his home and his young children were requesting him to give them a coin if he had got one. He had got a few different coins but he decided to give me to his eldest daughter Eva. Eva took me in her palms with a lot of care and kept me in a bulky piggy bank.


Inside the piggy bank it was all dark and there was always silence until each evening when a new friend would drop in with a clashing noise.


I made so many friends, it was fun to welcome a new friend every day. I stayed with my friends for many months. Then, one day Eva went out with her friends to buy toys. She felt blue as she gave me away in exchange for the toy, she knew it was value for money. How many people remember a coin for long, hardly any!


It was pleasurable to be exchanged among many people. Everyone handled and kept me with utmost care and safety. My life is filled with numerous extraordinary occasions. I constantly experience and observe new things in life and my life will always continue to be this way.

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