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Everyday should be environment day | Essay by 14 year old

It’s not just enough to think about the planet on World Environment day. Even small steps make a big difference, writes 14 year old S Vignesh from Chennai.
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Environment is the most precious gift to humans and also to every living creature, plant, etc. on the planet. It is very important that every element of the environment – air, water, soil, trees, forests, oceans and others remain in its pristine and undisturbed form so that the planet and the life it supports, can continue till ages.

As human beings are considered the most intelligent creatures made by nature on the earth, they have lots of eagerness to know things in the universe which leads them towards technological advancement.
However, such technological advancement comes at a price for the environment. Fertilizers prepared by using harmful chemicals are spoiling the soil which are indirectly getting collected into our body through the food we eat daily. Harmful smoke created from the industrial companies on daily basis are polluting the natural air which affects our health to a great extent as we breathe it every moment.
World Environment Day is celebrated on June 5 every year but it cannot remain a one day awareness campaign. The theme for World Environment Day 2022 was ‘Only One Earth’ and
how true it is!
Even a small effort by everyone can bring a major positive change towards our declining environment. We should not use natural resources in wrong ways for just our selfishness and to fulfill our destructive wishes. We should grow and develop science but we must always be sure that it should not ruin our environment in anyway.
I have done some small changes at my home to help save the planet. You can do it too!
Switch to reusable cups and bags
Reduce unnecessary buying
Help local wildlife thrive
Eat local produce
Reduce food wastage
Eat less meat and dairy
Walk for short distances
These are all the things I am doing. Hope you will do them too!

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