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Thank You To The Women Who Inspire Me | By 10 year old Mahit from Kolkata

Thank you to the women who inspire me

I want to thank some special ladies who have inspired me.


My late great grandmother who I fondly called “Beeji Ba”. She was the most generous, kind and caring person that I have ever come across. Even at the age of 80 she was most active doing everything on her own including playing with me.


She was fighting cancer and despite her pain and treatment, I had never ever seen her wince or frown. She only spread laughter. She was an extremely intelligent and understanding lady, she had a solution for everything and her stories were most amazing. She always stood by my side and taught me to say and do what is right. Whatever the situation you face you should face it with a smile and deal with it calmy was her way of life.


There will be no one like her. I love her the most! Someday I hope to be like her.


My mother is the best! It is difficult to pen down about her in a few lines! What I most admire about her is her strength and she teaches me to be strong and not to crumble under any pressure.

Thank you to the women who inspire me


She teaches me to believe in my self be confident yet be always polite. She lets me be me! She loves me infinitely and inspires me to be independent in my thoughts.


My teachers, who are a mother away from home. I would especially want to mention two teachers – Richa Wahi Mam my creative writing teacher. She is an ever-smiling positive person. Her guidance is always in a constructive manner! Her energy just lights up the environment. She can make even the most mundane topics intriguing and I adore that about her. Her encouragement has inspired me to think beyond the ordinary.

Thank you to the women who inspire me


Pinky Arora aunty who is known to me since I was in Montessori. She is been my teacher my friend and my guide. “Readeth maketh a man” is what I learned from her. She has inspired me to be a voracious book lover. She is caring as well as strict when the need arises. She thinks the best for me.


With my heart filled with gratitude and adulation, I just want to say thank you to each one of you for inspiring me, having faith in me and giving me the wings and wind to fly.

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