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Guneev Kaur

15 Years

53 Years

St Joseph's Convent School


Thank You Mother For Loving Me The Way You Do | Bookosmia

Thank you Mother for loving me the way you do

Thank you Mother for loving me the way you do



Why does she take care?

She gives birth,

Nothing can ever be compared to her worth.

She gives me importance,

That too with so much endurance.

Why does in you, she go extravagantly deep?

She can’t see that tear on your face,

Covers you in her most precious lace.

She can’t see you so confused.

Why does she care for you?

You were in her tummy for almost a year

She kept you in an enviable way then,

Lucid moments; never to forget.

Why is she always behind you?

She is the one who is called your strength,

One who knows you from the depth.

She is the one who is even your weakness,

One who can see you from a shrewd lens.

Why is she always power packed for you?

She is the one who taught you,

Not the notebook, but always something eloquently new.

She is the one who taught you the meaning of compassion,

To never hold on to any exhaustion.

Why does she do so much for you?

She nurtures thy body,

Which makes you look so prudent to everybody.

She makes you always exuberant,

Like you were always a radiant violet.

My dear mother,

There could never have been someone smoother!

I know I hardly ever paid my gratitude,

For whatever you did, you did at the highest of amplitude.

Being a doctor,

You’ve given me everything there could be,

You are awesome, my best protector!


Thank you Mother for loving me the way you do


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