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‘Surprise’ Book Review by 9 year old Kaviya R  from Chennai

Book Review of Surprise by kids Bookosmia

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Today’s review is by 9 year old Kaviya R  from Chennai.

Book Review by kids Kaviya Chennai Bookosmia


Kaviya loves to play chess, badminton, cricket and football. Her hobbies are writing, reading books and drawing. Her ambition is to become a doctor.
Kaviya is motivated by her teachers and parents. She is a student of N.S.N Memorial School, Chennai
Book Review of Surprise by kids Bookosmia
Author – OLA ZUR
It was boring to spend time during the lock down –period. I read a story from the website ‘really-learn-English.’
When I read the first paragraph, it was fun and interesting. I read the story in one go. It was fun all till the end.
Now let me share the story which I read – Emma and Jerry are husband and  wife. It was summer and Jerry’s birthday. Emma and Jerry’s mother wanted to  give him a surprise and they needed to keep it as a secret. But they did not  know what Jerry wanted for his birthday. So they kept watching Jerry for one week for clues. There were no clues! And after a day it was Jerry’s birthday
both were terrified of what to give him as a gift. Will they be able to get him a gift that he would like?
The lead characters were Emma and Jerry. The interesting thing about them  was that they were fun and helpful with each other.
According to me, the author did well in keeping the story interesting and the reader wondering , so they are compelled to read this story continuously.
My favourite part of the book was when Jerry received the gift box from Emma and opened it.
My understanding after I read the book is to cross check again before taking a decision.
If I would change something in the story is to give a pair of speakers instead of giving a pair of sneakers.
The illustration of the book was colourful and the text was bold. And the general look of the book was colourful. The best age group to read this book is 7 to 12.
I give this book rating of 5 out of 5* stars to this book.

*On a scale of 1-5, 5 being the highest


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