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Sanjana S

8 Years

53 Years

N.S.N Memorial School


Mission In Quarantine- Story

Read with Sara space story for kids, by kids Bookosmia
My robot friend and I, Sanjana were sent on a mission to space.
We saw a huge shiny rocket.
I pressed the button and heard a huge noise. I was far away from Earth.
Wow! I wore a special suite and a helmet. When I took my seat belt I was  floating around because of gravity.
After some hours the space ship landed on a planet .We went outside the  rocket ship and saw the giant red planet Mars. We went out to explore the planet. We saw red rocks and water ice bounds in the red Martian planet.
Suddenly, we heard some one following us.  We turned back and saw an  alien. It had two heads, six legs, four hands and huge red eyes. We got scared!
After staring at us, the alien came to me and gave a container made of red  rock mud and disappeared.
“Quick, to the mother ship!” said my robotic companion, “We just can’t wait to take back to our home planet what we got in the Martian terrain.”
When we opened the container it had some plant parts, algae, lichen, fungi and a slip, in which something was written.
After boarding the rocket, we landed on our planet with the container. That  evening, my uncle who is a doctor, had come to visit me.
As soon as I saw him I started narrating my experience to him. I also told him  about the container gift that I got. On seeing it, my uncle guessed that the gift could be some sort of medicine.
We sent it to the lab. The members in the laboratory tested it and confirmed that the herbal medicine was a cure for CORONA VIRUS!
We were very surprised and excited!
My robot friend and I were delighted  to have received that precious gift from alien. Finally we handed it over to our Government.
The flash news for that day was about our great mission accomplished!
Thank God. All is well.

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