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Supercontinent Pangea – What If We All Lived In Just One Continent?

Supercontinent Pangea - What if we all lived in just one continent?

We have a wonderful world right now – so many continents, different races, languages, geographies to explore all over the world.


But, did you know, around 240 million years ago, long before the continents were formed, there was a supercontinent called Pangea? About 200 million years ago Pangea began to break apart – first into two large masses of land called Gondwana and Laurasia. and then it broke further, which led to the formation of continents.


But what if it didn’t? What if Pangea didn’t break?


If Pangea didn’t break, the world may have been very different. Different life forms wouldn’t have evolved and fewer types of animals would have existed. Most of the large pieces of land would be away from the sea so more people would have had to stay in the middle of Pangea where there would not be enough water or resources to lead a proper life.

Supercontinent Pangea - What if we all lived in just one continent?

There would be almost no usage of sea transport since most transportation would be done using land.


With different countries having their own culture and way of life, we have so much to learn from each other. People from different parts are constantly exchanging ideas and knowledge to make the world better – maybe, this wouldn’t be if we all belonged to the same land?


But I also wonder what would this mean for humans suffering from the never-ending wars to rule over pieces of land. If we look back at history, most of it only tells us about battles and wars between kings and leaders to claim their rule over land and its people.


Sadly, even now, people in many parts of the world continue to suffer because few people are fighting over who must own a country or certain part of a country.


Supercontinent Pangea - What if we all lived in just one continent?


Recently I saw the news on how the Talibans, after 20 years, have returned to take over the country of Afghanistan.The people there, especially women seem to be very scared about their freedom and many are fleeing the country in fear, perhaps never to return to their homeland again.


Then I thought, maybe, it wouldn’t be so bad if we still had Pangea, because everyone would belong to the same land – one single piece of land to call their homeland.


What do you think?

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