Mihika Mukherjee

15 Years

Amity International School


Strength in Solitude | Monday Motivation Poem | Bookosmia

Alone doesn’t mean loneliness.  Mihika Mukherjee, a Bookosmian from Gurugram makes us think with this monday motivation poem.

She goes to Amity International school

monday motivation poem bookosmia

O solitude, my dear companion

You offer me solace when no one can

Agony and despair are my greatest foe

You dull them down to the faintest blow


I look up into the starry night

City lights fade into the busy dark

You stay beside me, patient as ever

Watching me stumble again and again


O solitude, my everlasting pal

A mirror so clear like pure water

Your unbiased gaze follows me

I confront my sorrows in eerie calm

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