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Read with Sara: Story- Tricking the trickster

Read with Sara stories for kids by young writer Rishaan Mysore Bookosmia

Once upon a time, there lived three friends in a beautiful forest – Finny the Fish, Melly the Monkey and Patty the Parrot. They were best friends and  always helped each other.

One day Finny was playing in the water. He heard the sweet voice of his friend Danny, the deer. It said, “Hi Finny! How are you? Shall we both play for some  time? Finny was happy hearing Danny’s voice! But he was doubtful as he knew  Danny had gone to another forest to visit his friends. So Finny smartly replied,  “Hi Danny! I am very tired today. Shall we play tomorrow? ” Danny agreed to
come back the next day!

Meanwhile, Finny asked Melly to find out if it was indeed Danny. So Melly  followed Danny only to discover that it was actually Facky, the wicked fox, who  was planning to eat Finny.

Melly informed Finny and Patty about Facky and said, “I have a plan to rescue  Finny! Let us go to the next river before Facky comes tomorrow,” said Melly. Finny replied sadly – “I will die if I come out of water.”

Patty thought and said, “Don’t worry. I have an idea. We will put you in a bowl of water and carry you out.” That evening they shifted Finny to the next river  successfully!

The next morning, Facky came again dressed as Danny and called, “Finny! Finny! Where are you? Come let’s play! ” There was no response because  Finny had escaped already and was happily playing with his best friends!!

Finny, Melly and Patty had tricked the trickster Facky!

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