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#SaraReads: Essay- Lets keep our planet clean and healthy

#Sarareads stories for kids by young author Poorvi Bookosmia

Essay: Environment

Human beings depend on the environment as it supports life in array of ways. Environment is where we are born, grow, play and live. A clean environment is very necessary to live a peaceful and healthy life.


A healthy environment depends on the good habits of humans and the circumstances we create. We should keep our environment clean and should take care of it in various ways like giving water to plants and trees everyday, panting seeds and growing plants to make our planet clean and healthy.


Plants are essential for us because they are useful in multiple ways- they give vegetables, fruits and most important, purified oxygen to breath, which is the most essential things for  human beings for survival. We should keep our  surrounding clean and never dirty it, which is harmful to mother earth and  makes people unhealthy .


We notice each day environment is getting polluted and if there are no actions
taken by humankind, the situation for the coming generation will have impact.  Industries are not trashing the wastes in the proper way that is defined by government bodies, some factories dispose the industrial wastes to the   ocean or river and also emit the exhaust which consists of various mixture of poisonous gases and damages the nature and which indeed worsen the  situation further.


Society is not any less either, they further add  to it by not following the best  practices to dispose wastes. To quote few examples, there is no segregation  done for the renewable and non renewable wastes. The domestic animals  consume the plastics that are thrown on the streets or near the bins which impacts their health.


Few people for commercial benefits cut trees and destroy forests to make  space to expand city limits and for building structures. Few cut the trees to make toys, home interiors etc.


Environment plays an vital role for everyone because it’s the only place where
humans can live. So all humans are responsible to keep our planet clean and
healthy for the benefit of all.

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