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#SaraReads: Story- The Lost Blackberries

#SaraReads stories for kids by Miraya Bookosmia

Once there lived a dark eyed seven-year-old girl named Tara. She had pink cheeks and a sharp nose. She lived in a cozy cottage in a village.


One day she really felt like having her favourite fruit,black berries.

GULP! GULP! GULP! Tara imagined herself having those yummy black berries. So, she requested her mother to bring some delicious black berries.

Her skinny and hardworking mother at once agreed. There was a huge black berry bush behind their cottage. So, they went to pluck some juicy black berries. After reaching home, Tara kept the basket of the black berries in the backyard.


As soon as Tara turned to pick a plate, WHOOSH! The black berries were gone!!

After a moment Tara saw a little monkey sitting on the fencing of their  backyard. She could see the monkey holding the basket of the black berries.  Tara started screaming and howling.


Her mother rushed outside and noticed the notorious monkey. Tara’s mother tried her best to console her. To Tara’s surprise, that kind monkey dropped the basket without even tasting any black berry. From that day onwards, Tara and that monkey became best friends.

They also shared their black berries every day.

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