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Stop stereotyping boys and girls|Opinion by Ishaa,12, Hyderabad

Is there something you would like to change about the world? 12-year-old Ishaa from Hyderabad makes a strong case for gender equality.
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Stop stereotyping boys and girls : We are all equal 
Growing up, both boys and girls have challenging phases in life. However, the society we grow in seems to have different standards for kind of behaviour acceptable for girls and boys. These attitudes can have a huge impact on the upcoming generations.
There should be equality for both genders. Societal opinions like girls should sit in a certain way, boys should not cry, girls cannot go out at night etc do more harm than good.
Are we all not humans? Don’t we have the liberty to decide for ourselves? These stereotypes and  prejudices have no place in a civilized sociey.
Let’s stop being judgemental, live and let others live their lives.
If we can change our mindset, we have the ability to change our whole world.

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