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Spectacular Spectacled Eiders+Cool Facts| By Laksha,12,Kolkata+ Cool Facts

Today’s write up is an epistolary work, which means in the form of letters, by 12  year old Laksha Khanna from Kolkata.


Nature with Sara Epistolary by Laksha Khanna

Dear Pamela,

Hope you are doing well. I came to know about your obsession with birds. Recently we had a school trip to Russia and I was a volunteer to accompany a bunch of seventh graders. I am writing to you to tell you about our encounter with the Spectacled Eider, an endangered species.

Nature with Sara Epistolary by Laksha Khanna


It was a Saturday morning and we had a free day before we left for home. I took a bunch of seventh graders to a park to spend the day there. There was a tranquil lake nearby and a lot of ducks were merrily swimming in it. My juniors bought a loaf of bread from the nearby bakery and started feeding the ducks. I would have never found the Spectacled Eider if one of the kids hadn’t pointed out that one of the ducks was wearing glasses. All the children gathered around the lake and started pointing and gasping at the duck. I came closer and I found out from one of the locals that it wasn’t a regular duck but it was a Spectacled Eider who has a large white patch around their eyes, outlined with black which makes it appear as if it is wearing spectacles. It had a marvelous white and black body, a green neck and an orange beak.


Suddenly it swopped down and grabbed a mollusk in its mouth. The children watched carefully how the mollusk fought for its life and how the eider was fighting for its food. Later that evening, one child was really fascinated by this bird so he started telling us all about the eider. He told us that the Spectacled eider was an endangered species because it was a common prey for predators if they didn’t travel in large groups.

Nature with Sara Epistolary by Laksha Khanna

Overall it was a rare experience viewing an endangered species in a park. Hope to hear from you soon. 


Yours lovingly,



Nature with Sara activities for kids Bookosmia
Hey, Sara here again. Did you enjoy Laksha’s epistolary work? How about some cool facts on Spectacled Eider now?
Cool Fact#1: The male and female Spectacled Eiders look significantly different
Males have a unique olive green head with white goggles and a carrot-orange bill. Females are brown overall with pale goggles.
Nature with Sara Epistolary by Laksha Khanna
Read more about the bird at Audubon
Cool Fact #2:  Spectacled eiders are rare and poorly known birds.
Can you believe that no one knew where these birds spent the winter months up until 1995! Lets make up for it and spread awareness about this and other birds.
Read more about it at eBird

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