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Space : The Dark Mystery| Blog by Samriddha,11, Kolkata

Let’s take a deep dive into the mysteries of space with 11-year-old Samriddha from Kolkata. 

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Are you interested in space? If you are, then you might have heard about terms like ‘’Wormhole’ and ‘Time Machine’. Let me tell you more about them. 


Scientists are very curious to find out how we can travel back in time or see our future. But the question that usually pops up in our mind is, “Is it really possible to do time travel?” and if so, how?

Dr. Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity says that if we can travel faster than the speed of light, we can see the future. For example, it takes 8.2 minutes for the light of the Sun to reach the Earth. If a body from the Sun reaches Earth before the light reaches, it might experience the future. It is because light travels the fastest in this whole universe so first we’ll see the cause then the effects. Time travel is only possible when we’ll face the effects first then the cause.


            Another theory on time travel is ‘Traversable Wormholes’. To make it a bit simple to understand, let’s suppose there are two distant places in the universe; Point A and Point B.  If we think about time travel it won’t be possible at all. They’re too far. Now take a sheet of paper and draw two points on a distant point. If we fold the paper, the points can touch. This act of folding or you can say taking a tunnel-like path to go from one point to another in space is called a Traversable Wormhole. 

If this works, we might be able to get into the 4th dimension where we can see our future.


As you know, our universe was created by the Big Bang which is also known as the Big Bang Theory. If another such fusion is created, is it possible a much more advanced universe will get created by destroying ours? And what about singularity which states that there are regions of space where the density of matter is infinite meaning the standard concepts of time and space do not exist? Could that mean that we are the advanced version of some other beings of another universe? 


The mysteries of space never cease to amaze! 

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