Shannon Malhotra

12 Years

Army Public School, Ambala Cantt


Sloth and its extraordinary life | Story by Shannon,12, Ambala

Come, read about the extraordinary life of a sloth from the Amazon jungles, thanks to this interesting story by 12-year-old Shannon from Ambala. 

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Once upon a time, deep in the southern part of the Amazon forests (Bolivia), lived a 15-year-old female sloth named Dorthy. This was a long time ago, when the forest was a mystery, undiscovered by humans. The Amazon forest was home to exotic animals, birds and plants. The river Amazon flowed through the forest. It was infested with massive crocodiles. The trees were so gigantic that sunlight was blocked out. The undergrowth was thick and difficult to walk through.  


Now Dorthy was quite peculiar, and different from the other 1,500 sloths living there. She was a real beauty; she had a silken hickory coat of hair and dazzling tawny coloured eyes and an adorable face.


Dorthy was quick-witted. She played a lot with the children of the Yanomami tribe. Dorthy occasionally ate with them as well. Thus, she learnt how to talk and eat properly.


The usual routine of sloths consists of sleeping and eating. But Dorthy was different!  She chose to live a life that in her old age, proved to be a blessing. She slept on time and woke up early, and even exercised. Dorthy understood the importance of hygiene, and took a bath and brushed her thick furry coat every day.


Dorthy had a friend named Mark. He was mischievous and a little jealous of Dorthy. One day, Mark hid her toothbrush and coat brush while she was asleep. He even told her friends, the tribal, apes and fish that she said bad things about them behind their back. The next morning when Dorthy woke up, she could not find her toothbrush and coat brush. She got hysterical. She searched everywhere. Mark finally confessed to her about what he had done. Dorthy felt betrayed and angry. But when she explained it to her friends, they understood. Dorthy was very sweet-natured and soon forgave Mark.


One day, Dorthy was walking around in the dense forest. She had decided to explore a bit, and ventured off away from her home. Suddenly she saw a lion cub. He was all by himself. Out of nowhere, the cub picked up a deadly bug, and was about to swallow it, when Dorthy rushed to him and grabbed the bug from his hand and threw it away. Dorthy had saved its life. Dorthy and the cub became good friends.


Dorthy would now roam around the Amazon Forests and not return home for days. She saw new things and made new friends. Time flew, and soon Dorthy was 38 years old.


One day, some trekkers discovered the Amazon Forests. They found that sloths lived there. But since the forest was slowly being destroyed, the trekkers rescued the sloths and other animals and shifted them to an open zoo. So Dorthy now lives in an open zoo with her other family members and friends. They are happy and well taken care of!




This story was written as part of a story writing camp organized by  Word Munchers in the month of May for the children (age group- 8-16 years) of the Indian Army. The children were mentored by Word Munchers. The topic was ‘Breathe in Nature’

Image credit- Copyright and royalty free to use photos from Pexels

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