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Rainy Season : Raindrop Reverie by Abhipsa, 17, Orissa

Rains are here! What do you feel about them? 17-year-old Abhipsha from Bhubaneswar feels herself drawn into the beauty of this season. 

Rainy day - The smell of the earth and other joys

Listen to the rhythm of raindrops, as they whisper secrets on the windowpane’s surface. Inside, a night of dreams unfurl, where rain is born within, a deluge of emotions pouring.

Rain on windowpane blog teenager bookosmia

When heavy rain graces the roof, I feel a symphony in my soul, the cadence of nature’s tears, soothing, yet beyond control. An umbrella, a feeble shield.


In the room, a spider spins, its delicate web of dreams, finding solace in its craft, embracing life as it seems. And rain falls on the windowpane, like teardrops from a saddened princess, a metaphor for sorrows shared, a cleansing of the soul’s distress. 


People fear the rain’s arrival, a symbol of uncertainty, yet it’s the rain that nourishes life. Without its touch upon the earth, no flowers would bloom, no rivers flow, we must embrace the storm’s embrace, for growth and rebirth it bestows. 

Hot summer - Rain and rainbow are the perfect combo

As rain taps upon my nose, I savour the touch of every drop, relishing its gentle caress, as it rinses away life’s gloom and sop. A meal served while rain cascades, is a feast for the senses, a symphony of flavors on my tongue, as nature’s tears serenade my mind. 


I love drenching myself in rain, letting it wash my tears away, forgetting what had happened before, as I dance in the mizzle’s gentle sway. In every raindrop’s touch, I find solace in memories anew.


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