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Bidisha Maity

15 Years

53 Years

Rajkumari Santanamoyee Girls' High School


Sing For Humanity| Poem by 16 year old from Tamluk

Let’s join 16 year old Bidisha Maity from Tamluk, as she sings for unity on earth. This, is the power of young voices!

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Come, all siblings! Let’s sing for our mother.

May not matter our races and religions,
We’re all human, let that be our identity.
Come Hindus, come Muslims, come Christians,

Come! We all shall sing for humanity.

Today we’re surrounded by a hellish darkness,

There, demons are playing destruction.
Hear, brave friends, through that deadly stillness!
The paradise is calling at the horizon.

Hell-terror ‘ll be blown with our last breath,

Built in our lives will arise the heaven!
There, life will flourish from the bosom of death,
In his voice will ring the song of humans!

No danger or obstacle will stop us,
Our head ‘ll be lowered by no injustice!
With our blood we’ll wipe all stigmas,
A new, unblemished world will arise!

Come, ye lives passed through dark night!
Come, ye lives free from fear and cruelty!
Come, in that dreamland let’s unite,
There we all shall sing for humanity!

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