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Mihika Mukherjee

15 Years

Amity International School


Invest In Our Planet | Essay by 15 year old from Gurgaon

15 year old Mihika Mukherjee from Gurgaon has an important message for us- environment sustainability. Tell us your message for the youth of the country.
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Earth is no heaven but there are pieces of it scattered everywhere. Our planet gleaming like a diamond in the dark is blessed with a rare gift indeed- life, possible primarily due to the availability of water, oxygen, and various other resources. Abundant in beauty, nature’s lush green valleys, snow-capped mountains, and crystal-clear oceans throb with energy while the seasonal changes are the embodiment of life itself.However, we have jeopardized our mother Earth and humanity’s future by sheer ignorance and negligence.

Knee-deep in concepts of industrialization and modern-day technologies, the need to protect our environment from pollution and deforestation only increases day by day. For this purpose, each year on 22nd April more than a billion people celebrate Earth Day to raise awareness about environmental issues. A fun and engaging way to recognize our responsibility toward our planet, it can help the world transition to an equitable, prosperous green economy for all. However, the achievement of these goals hinges on the collaboration of three pillars of the economy -Business, governments,and individuals.

At a time, where environment sustainability is the talk of the town, businesses have a social  responsibility to do good also known as corporate social responsibility. This can be done through reducing carbon footprints, participating in fairtrade goods, and having a push for diversity of any other socially and environmentally conscious investments.

Certain countries like Amsterdam also pursue a circular economy which means the sharing, reusing, and recycling of materials and products for as long as possible. Individuals can contribute by reducing consumer carbon footprint i.e., the total amount of greenhouse gasses generated by our actions.

There is no question that Earth is generous beyond imagination and has nestled us in its care for longer than a millennia. But if we continue down this negative path, only destruction stares back. Therefore, the time has come to give back and save Earth. No matter how hard or long the road, let us hold hands and help Mother Earth thrive, for it is most certainly worth fighting for.

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