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The Globetrotting Warriors | By Young Author Aadvik Balodia

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28-year-old Kevin Kaper is a tough and independent soldier who is ready to do anything for his country. When a series of messages from his General takes him across the world on a tough mission, he meets other soldiers who become his best friends. As the group unitedly moves towards their mission, they face obstacles, monsters and disasters like never before.

Can this odd group of soldiers defeat the incredibly powerful monsters before they destroy the world? Do read this thrilling fantasy fiction by 11-year-old Aadvik Balodia to find out.

The book has been illustrated beautifully by Pooja Saklani.



Pre-Order a copy of the this fantasy fiction book, perfect for young adults, written by young writer Aadvik .

Category- Young Adults

Genre- Fantasy Fiction


No.of pages- 100

Chapter book

Published by Bookosmia under Sprouts Programme for publishing young writers.

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