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Be A Published Author | Full Book by Sprouts (7+)

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Can children and young adults get their books published in India? Absolutely!
Absolutely, that is what we do at Bookosmia – India’s no.1 publisher ‘for kids, by kids’ from 150+ locations, publishing young voices as digital stories, ebooks, podcasts, ted ed talks and how can we miss, BOOKS! Our founders are ex-banker, IIM Alum and ex-journalist who is an award-winning author at the commonealth level. We have our heart in the idea of publishing children so that they feel they are heard.  Find answers to some FAQs on children’s publishing here.
And here is what we don’t do
  • Publish without editing– Each of our books is scrutinized for errors- grammar, syntax, structure etc. Just because it was incorrect in the manuscript, doesn’t mean we will publish the book with errors marring your child’s idea
  • Print zero to a few copies– We don’t think just winning the tag of ‘published’ with one or two copies printed, is a way to celebrate our young writers. We print copies and try our best to have them out for people to see
  • Price books exhorbitantly – As someone in the publishing industry for 5 years and with our partners at Pratilipi (who acquired Amazon’s publishing in India), we know that distributors don’t typically pick up children’s books beyond MRP of 299/- to stock up in bookstores and festivals
  • Publish at scale– Yes, child’s talent can’t be honed when they never meet an accomplished mentor from the field . We only take up a handful of Sprouts entries where the whole team- from writing, design, editing and printing is invested in that one child
  • Commoditize design– It is easy to find free clipart and photos online and plug them into your child’s work. But each book is unique and so should be the illustrations and designs. All our covers are handcrafted and will unique to that book only

Program includes-

Personalized 1-on-1 sessions for idea generation, finalizing and writing of the book

Editing- Finetuning of script, text correction and improvement

Design – Front and Back Cover Design, Layout

Book publishing- ISBN approvals, copyright etc

Print-ready book

Marketing- Young author featured on podcast, social media, youtube

This program is highly customized to each young writer. Duration of the program is largely dependent on the young writer’s availability, co-operation and enthusiasm to see it through completion. Illustration work on the book will start only once the text and script is completed.


Wow, we are loving seeing our young writers in print ! Here is a mentorship programme for every budding and unsuspecting child to learning from experts, writing their own book and getting

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