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The Girls Who Saved Unicorn World | By Young Author Yashnashree

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A bright and beautiful book for children by young author Yashnashree.

Sisters Tejonidha and Lakshanya (11 and 9) live normal and boring lives until one day, they find a time machine and accidentally get sent to the ‘Unicorn World’ – a world where all kinds of unicorns
live. But it is not all fun and games playing with unicorns as they realise the new world has been cursed with an evil spell to kill all crops and only two humans with pure hearts can save them. Will
the two girls be able to unmask the evil being and reverse the spell on time or will Unicorn World be destined to end up barren?

Do not miss this thrilling adventure tale with unicorns, written and illustrated by Yashnashree H, a very talented 9-year-old and beautifully designed by Pooja Saklani.

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Category- Children

Genre- Fantasy Fiction

Coloured book with vibrant illustrations


No.of pages- 32

Published by Bookosmia under Sprouts Programme for publishing young writers.


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