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Shipwrecked – An Ocean Adventure| Story | Bookosmia

A shipwreck? A mysterious island? A hungry shark? We’re in! Let’s read this story by 10 year old Vihaan Vinoth from New Jersey.

ship wreck adventure bookosmia

It all started on a ship. We were on a cruise. Dinner was being served below deck. I went with my brother to see what they had. For some reason, even though they had my favorites, I wasn’t hungry. I could somehow sense that something was going to go wrong. When I shared this thought with my brother, he just laughed and said, “Oh, Bill, everything will be fine, ok? We’re safe. Besides, this ship is only travelling at two miles an hour.” That didn’t help me much.

 Suddenly, the ship began to rock, and I felt queasy. I did feel better when I saw that it was just a humpback whale splashing around. Then I heard thunder. I knew something would go wrong, Even Greg, my brother, agreed. We saw water splash against the left side of the ship. The other passengers began to feel the same way. The weather forecast had said that it would be sunny.

 We had to get to high ground as a humongous blast of water broke through and flooded the cabin. The captain and everybody knew that this ship had to dock. But, when the captain veered right, a humongous shark burst out of the water, and placed its head on the deck, its body still in the water. It started chomping and would have almost snapped a crew member, but somebody pulled him away.

I must have hit my head, because the next thing I remember was waking up on an island. The ship was wrecked, and there was hardly anything worth salvaging. I knew that that shark could strike again and needed to be prepared. But everyone else was out getting wood for a fire, I had to help too. I set up a platform as I had found some meat that I could use as bait. I put the meat on the platform, and I used some string to make part of the platform give way upon heavy weight.

I saw my brother and the other passengers bringing some wood for a fire. They enquired about my trap. They were not convinced about it. For dinner, we had seaweed (which was like curry and coriander leaves). and rice that my brother had found. We were desperate for food, and rats were the closest protein that we could find.

Then, suddenly out on the sea, we saw a shark fin coming towards us. “The trap!”, I said. I went to make sure it was working. It was 100 yards away. It was closing in. 50 yards.

I suddenly realized that I couldn’t guarantee that the trap would kill the shark. I hadn’t even tested it! I had to decide. Fast. I could just let the shark eat the meat, and kill it when it came again, but I wasn’t going to do that. I was going to finish this creature once and for all.

20 feet.

I quickly sharpened a stick. I had come up with a genius plan. As soon as the shark opened its mouth, I would throw my stick into its throat, and kill it. Timing was the key.

10 feet

5 feet.

Everyone was watching. That shark was the reason we weren’t at our destination. We needed to avenge that. Everybody else had sharpened sticks too. I thought we could finish this battle right then, right there.

I was wrong.

The shark just circled around the island. That shark is so smart, I thought. It wouldn’t take the bait. Greg sharpened another stick and threw it at the shark’s gills. He missed.

I had another idea. I would jump on the shark like a rodeo rider and jab my stick into its gills. If that didn’t work, everyone would launch their sticks and kill it.

I waited for it to circle back, and I jumped on it, timing it perfectly. I reached the gills. Now, I just needed a way to get to them without losing my stick. I slowly crawled forward, which was hard to do because the shark kept trying to shake me off. I used the stick as support to get down to the gills. I brought the stick back and stabbed the shark with it. The water turned red, and the shark’s lifeless body sank.

When I came back up, I was extremely relieved that the shark was dead. Now we just needed a way to call for help. The next day, we heard a helicopter. The pilot might have seen us because he landed the helicopter on the island. He asked just a few questions like how we got there, and what happened, but after that we went back home.


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